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Apple Launches IPhone 4S

IPhone 4SApples finally unveils its much anticipated IPhone. Whilst romours where rife about an impending iPhone 5 launch and speculation about features/improvements, in reality it was somewhat of a anti-climax. They have named it  the iPhone 4S, which suggests, they aim to position as an incremental update. This will surely disappoint legions of hard-code apple fans.
Come rain or shine, apple stores throughout the UK and abroad where besieged by eager fans itching to get there hands on the latest handset.  Some analysts also predict that globally three million or more handsets could sell this weekend.  Apple stores reported that many fans had camped out and queued for more than 24 hours. There was one loyal patron outside the Covent Garden branch who had camped outside for ten days. Some japanese where turned up wearing mock IPhones atop headgear.
To the surprise of many people even Steve Wozniak  (Apple’s co-founder) turned up among the people queuing outside his local Apple store in Los Gatos, California (this was despite the fact that Apple had sent him two handsets)! He was so eager that he was first in the queue !

Even with consumers eager response, experts where lukewarm with their verdicts.

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