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Apple Files Mobile Phone Fuel Cell Battery Patent

Apple LogoApple has last month filed two patents (in the US Patent and Trademark Office) for compact fuel cell batteries for portable devices. Such a technology could provide power for weeks. Fuel cells have already been used in spacecraft and road vehicles.

Despite technology advances, battery technology has lagged behind which means users must regularly recharge devices. This is especially the case with a range of mobile gadgets.

Apple Fuel Cell Patent

Apple Fuel Cell Patent- US Patent Office

In one of Apple’s patent applications; they propose that their fuel cell design would be capable of both providing power to and receiving power from a rechargeable battery.The benefit of this is there would be no need for a heavy and bulky battery within the fuel cell system. Hence, there would be reduced weight, size and cost of the fuel cell system. Such a system could also offer instant refuelling by swapping in a full fuel cartridge instead of waiting by an electrical outlet until a battery recharges.

The hydrogen fuel cell, which produces electrical energy with only water as a by-product after reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, is thus environmental friendly. However, the hydrogen used is now, produced from the processing of natural gas and thus still uses fossil fuels as a raw material and in the production process.

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