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iPad 3 Is Here !

Apple has unveiled the much-anticipated iPad 3 to invited press in San Francisco, and in Europe at Kings Place in London. Apple executives have dubbed it the “The new iPad”. It will be in available to purchase on 16th March.

The main characteristics much speculated in the tech press have been confirmed.  Externally, there are no real changes. As expected ’the new iPad’ has the following features:-

Processor – 1Ghz A5X dual core with quad core graphics.

HD retina screen touch screen – 9.7 inches.

Screen resolution – 2048×1536 pixels.

Available models come with – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage space.

Screen resolutions – 3.1 million pixels (4x iPad 2).

Memory – 1GB.

Camera – 5Mpixels (1080p, 30 frames per second).

Size – Width 7.31 “x Height 9.50” x Depth 0.37”.

Weight – 1.44lb (Wi-Fi Only model), 1.46ib (Wi-Fi+4G Model) .

Connections – Wi-Fi only model, WiFi+4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.

Operating system – iOS 5.

Battery life – up to 10 hours.

HD Video recording – (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio.

UK Prices – £399 – £659.

iPad 3 - iPhoto


iPad 3
iPad 3

iPad Hand Hero

iPad 3 (Photos (c) Apple Inc)

HD Screen

The noticeable aspect of the iPad 3 is the crisp high-resolution display. It’s the main the improvement over the iPad 2.  If you’ve seen the iPhone 4S’s screen, imagine it was 10-inches across — that’s basically what the new display looks like! The display runs at a very nice resolution of 2048×1536-pixels. That’s higher than a 50-inch high-definition plasma television, higher than Blu-ray movies and higher than the top-specification MacBook Pro, even. Apple have crammed into a screen 9.7-inch across (diagonally), meaning the pixels are smaller, packed more tightly together and that means everything looks sharper and more highly defined.

HD Screen Benefits

Given the high-spec screen, media applications will undoubtedly benefit including video and image editing. In addition 3D gaming and eBook readers will also benefit. However, you also notice that most existing videos/images, applications that you come across may show there inherent defects basically seem low quality as they where originally designed for earlier models. However, given time, this issue should sort itself out.

New Processor

To power the HD display and cameras, Apple have utilise a meaty processor – the A5X, a quad-core chip. Although you’ll be hard pressed to notice speed difference between the new iPad 3 and iPad 2. However, the extra power does produce a smooth and slick display where gaming is concerned especially 3D. The new iPad also offers a 5 megapixel iSight camera which can record video in full HD.

New Apps

Apple showed off new apps, including new versions of it’s iWork apps such as iPhoto. A fresh edition of the GarageBand music software lets four iPads ‘jam’ together via Wi-Fi. Also, a newer version of iMovie allows users to record and edit full HD movies right on the screen. The iPhoto app allows photo editing direct on-screen, cropping pictures, editing lighting and adding effects such as red-eye reduction and black and White filters via the touch screen. Better apps will appear that take full advantage of the iPad 3 features over the coming months.

Battery Life

Battery life is reportedly unchanged from the iPad 2 but I we can take manufacturers claims with a pinch of salt as claims are likely to be on the optimistic side generally. Apple claim the iPad 3 will last for about 10 hours for non-3G usage, and that was certainly true of the iPad 2.

4G Connection

Apple also confirmed that the new model will come in a version has 4G connectivity built-in. It will basically be able to link with US telcos Verizon Wireless’ and AT&T Inc.’s ‘LTE’ wireless broadband networks. They offer speeds that are ten times faster than the ’3G’ networks used by earlier iPads, and current iPhones. However, 4G is not currently rolled-out in the UK. The earliest launch is expected to be end of 2012 – if lucky. However, 4G has already been available abroad in countries like Australia, Malaysia etc.

Missing In Action

It can’t have escaped most people’s attention that as good as it is; the iPad is sorely missing some standard features. There is the ubiquitous USB port available on all of Apple’s computers except iPads. However, Apple may include Intel’s Thunderbolt (a super fast port that debuted in March 2011) in the iPad 4. So far, it’s only available on Apple’s MacBook Pro line. Thunderbolt promises to bring speeds in excess of USB 3.0, which for something like the iPad could mean dramatically faster sync times when plugging in the device to a computer. Then there is the lack of a SD card slot. In addition still no flash support although this is slowly being replaced by HTML5.


The bottom line everyone wants to know is should you buy one, and is it worth the upgrade from the iPad 2? It’s without a doubt the best tablet on the market, the same can be said for the iPad 2. This is basically just a big spec boost for that model and without a price increase. If you plan to do more than casual web browsing then it should be worth buying.


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