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Apple iPad 3 Problems

With over three million snapped up in its first four days on sale, the new iPad 3 certainty proved to be the hottest gadget around. However, now that the hype has settled down and come down back to reality, users have become aware of a number issues.

Nice iPad 3 but with problems

Nice iPad 3 but with problems

Overheating – many users around the world have reported the new iPad to be much hotter in use then the iPad 2, even after 10-15 of minutes of use . This is not doubt in part due to the more powerful processor being utilised.

Connectivity – Users on Apple’s forums have reported that the new gadget has trouble picking up and holding on to Wi-Fi signals. It should be noted that this problem has also plagued previous launches including the original iPad and some models of iBook.

Smart Covers – The news comes as users complain that a hidden ‘upgrade’ to the new machine has meant that many older ‘Smart Covers’ – the magnetic covers used by Apple which turn on the machine automatically when opened – won’t work. However, it has been reported that Manufacturers of third party cases such as Maroo are already issuing free replacements.

Chargers – The new iPad 3 cannot be charged by iPad 1 or 2 chargers and can only be charged with the new iPad 3 charger. Another case of screwing the customer.

Battery – DisplayMate CEO Dr. Raymond Soneira, a leading display and display tuning company, found while testing the iPad 3’s display, “that the batteries do not actually reach full charge when 100% is shown and need up to an extra hour before the charging is done. After further investigation, Soneira has discovered, “when the battery indicator first says 100% the battery is actually only 90% charged and you get 1.2 hours less running time. ” Apple claim that the 100% iPad recharge “problem” is by design!

FaceTime – Users lucky to have access to 4G networks ie US and austilaian have reported that FaceTime fails to work and only functions when connected via Wi-Fi.

Retina Display – Reviewers found that enhanced apps and high-definition movies look amazing on the iPad’s mind-blowing Retina display, but they noted with disappointment that non-HD content doesn’t quite shine (ie look pixelated).

Front camera – A rather average front-facing camera just a plain old VGA standard as came with the iPad 2.

No Siri – Many were surprised that Apple’s voice-activated assistant Siri wasn’t one of the features in iPad 3. This is considered by many leading tech experts to be one of the biggest omission in the iPad 3.  A new dictation feature allows users to get around some of the problems that the device’s virtual keyboard presents, that’s as close to Siri that the new tablet users will get.

Increased Storage  – According to tests conducted by Macworld, the enhanced apps consume up to three times as of the iPad’s storage space as un-enhanced apps.

4G Availability – Apple have continued to label the iPad as WiFi+4G even in countries where 4G is not available to consumers. It is incompatible with all European 4G networks, including those being proposed for the UK. Australia has 4G, but it works on a different frequency as a result Apple has been forced to offer refunds to purchasers by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.




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